Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Angami Military Genius

Angami Military Genius

Welcome to my blog on Angami Military Genius. This blog is an attempt to let the rest of the world learn a little bit about the Angami tradition and Angami Military Genius.

The Angamis are one of the sixteen tribes of the state of Nagaland sandwiched between India, Burma and China. Angamis occupy the south western parts of the state of Nagaland.

The Angamis are a yellow race and speak a Sino-Tibetan language called Tenyidie meaning the language of Tenyi peoples. Angamis refer themselves as Tenyimia meaning the descendants of Tenyi. Tenyi was one of the great forefathers of the Angamis.

Angamis practiced headhunting for around 500 years up to the 19th century. The tradition of headhunting came to an end with the arrival of the British invaders who fought for more than 40 years with the numerically too puny but endowed with the greatest Military Genius unparalleled since the beginning of time.

Angami wealth in terms of cultural artefacts was looted mercilessly by the British plunderers and maximum possible artefacts were transferred to the U.K. The British colonial policy was maximum exploitation of Angamis with minimal contribution to the Angamis. Angami cultural artefacts proved totally irresistible to the greedy and ruthless British plunderers. A recent report reveals that Naga cultural artefacts were most ruthlessly transferred by British plunderers to England and from the angle of population to cultural artefacts collected ratio, the Naga artefacts proved to be the most collected items in the whole of the British Empire.

In this blog, you will be able to get a glimpse of one of the most unique Military Civilizations in world history.

Angami Military Genius

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